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Junway Enterprise located in Kuching was established in 1999, with the approach to provide affordable solutions for customers.

We offer rental services for mist fans, evaporative air coolers, both portable & mounted evaporative air coolers and canopy. In addition, we also supply plastic chairs and plastic tables. Delivery services are available to allow you to get the best services at the lowest price.

Junway Enterprise成立于1999年坐落于砂拉越古晋四里半,为您提供各式塑料产品所需。

我们为您提供出租薄雾风扇,蒸发式空气冷却器, 便携式&固定式蒸发式空气冷却器和布篷的服务。除此之外,我们也售卖各式塑料椅子,塑料桌子,冷藏容器等等。


Other Information

  • Payment mode: Cash, Bank Transfer & Cheque

  • Area Covered: Kuching, Sematan, Lundu, Serian & Kota Samarahan

  • Established Since: Year 1999

  • Nature of Business: Rental of Canopies, Air Cooler and Industrial Plastic Chairs & Table

  • Company Registration No: 49675

  • Transportation Fee: Delivery & Pick Up Charges Applicable

  • Service Available for: Residential , Commercial & Industrial Lot

  • Spoken Language: Chinese, Malay & English

  • Total Employees: 8

  • Specialized Staff / Technician: 2

Our Services

Office Equipment Rental

13 years experience


Mist Fans

Our Shop


Our Shop


Mist Fans




We provide rental services, such as Mist Fans, Air Coolers & Canopy

1. Mist Fans
It can reduce dust, avoid mosquitoes and reduce heat.

Mist Fans offer active cooling and are positioned directly at the intended cooling area. Mist Fans enhances performance compared to mist lines as the high velocity air increases the evaporation, which in turn improves the cooling effect. Mist fans can be mounted on walls or on columns. They can be in the form of mobile pedestal units too.

2. Air Coolers
There are three types of air coolers, respectively evaporative air coolers, portable evaporative air coolers and mounted evaporative air coolers.

These are all suitable for house and office use. They are also suitable for commercial & industrial use.

3. Canopies
Canopies may be a common sight, but they’re often overlooked. They are useful for a broad range of industries. Canopies offer shelters and protection for both people and equipments. They are used by all sorts of different facilities for different occasions.

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Saturday: 8:00AM - 1:30PM

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed


Besides rental of Canopies, Air coolers and Mist Fans, we also sell plasticware such as Chairs, Stools & Tables.

Our chairs are specially designed for general seating applications for both indoors and outdoors. It is excellent in casual settings like bistros, cafes, offices, caterings and equally suitable for classrooms and seminars. Our chairs also anti-slip with chair pads.


1. CCK coldstorage

2. K&L Farming Industries Sdn. Bhd

3. Supply air cooler / canopy for Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) events

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Contact Info

Address No. 2 Capital Garden,
4 1/2 Mile, Jalan Penrissen ,
93250 Kuching ,Sarawak ,Malaysia

Fax & Tel082 570 522

Phone016 889 8158
016 889 8595

Email junway_enterprise@hotmail.com