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DARREN (PROFESSIONAL CLEANING FOR SHOES & BAGS) was established in 2011, with the approach to provide affordable yet dependable solutions for customers when it come to shoes and bags cleaning. We emphasize on essential steps to prolong and restore the lifespan and beauty of your bags and shoes.

The chemicals used in cleaning are best in quality and gentle to human body. Rest assured that we do not use harsh chemicals to clean customers beloved 'babies'. Our services include removal of stains, smell and moulds, metal polishing, colour touch up/ restoration, leather treatment and so on.



Other Information

  • Payment mode: Cash

  • Area Covered: Kuching

  • Established Since: Year 2011

  • Nature of Business: Service

  • Company Registration No: 90800

  • Transportation Fee: Free of Charge (FOC)

  • Service Available for: Residential & Commercial

  • Spoken Language: Chinese, Malay, English & Hokkian

Our Services

Shoes and Luxury Goods Cleaning
鞋, 名牌用品清理

3 Restoration Methods


清洁 (Cleaning)

清洗是最基本的保养法,也是物主可以自己动手做的事,既然如此何必浪费钱送到店里洗呢?理由很简单,专人系的比我们仔细,干净,洗法也比较得当,而更重要的是,专人是用手洗,不是扔进洗衣机内搅。“一样是洗,只要是干净就好,没差”,此言差诶。不同质量的包和鞋,不同的污渍都有独特的其清洗方法,就像不同体质,不同病症的病患,需要不同的疗方。“对症下药” 这点机器哪能做得到,当你的包在洗衣机内开始脱色时,机器不会停转;当你的包因为机器力道太强而撕裂时,机器不会温柔的对待它。所以以我们坚持用手工清洗,靠双手老掌控力道。

补丁 (Patching)



包包用久了难免会褪色,而一些刮痕喝补丁痕迹显见,这些情况就需要以上色来处理。替刮痕补色不外是为了遮瑕,掩饰一些小伤痕,穿戴起来才雅观。至于为补丁上色,一般都不会补上原色,因为原色无法掩盖补过的痕迹,所以我们会征求物主的同意,选用深色的染料将物品上色。 上色是相当费时费力费精神的活,一个包就可能花上一个月时间来处理,细节和分格越多就越考功夫和耐性。我们为求手工精致,使用绘笔来上色,细软的笔毛,不会在表面留下刷痕



We are the first professional cleaning service provider for shoes and bags in Kuching (Sarawak). We specialized in cleaning, maintaining and restoring jobs for bags and shoes.

With 8 years of experience in this industry, “Darren” is committed in providing solutions pprofessional and dependable to clean and restore all types of bags and shoes. Our consultant ensures that your bags and shoes are in good hands as we understand the essential steps to take care and prolong the lifespan and beauty of your precious bags and shoes.

我们是古晋 (砂拉越) 首家专业包包及鞋子护理服务。



Our clients are our most valuable assets. Since our establishment, we have been fully devoted to deliver quality services, which is why we set repeat customers all the times.

成立至今,“達人” 的顾客群大部分来自于回头客,因为我们以客户为中心。“達人” 以高质量标准,诚信守约获得客户的一致认可


We clean, repair, recolor, revitalize and restore your precious bags and shoes.


Operating Hours

Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

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Address Lot 90 Section 62 KTLD 270
Jalan Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang,
93450, Kuching, Malaysia

Phone016 888 9280

Email fsy_83@hotmail.com